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Welcome to the Commissioners of Public Works in Greenwood, SC!

Our mission is to provide clean water, efficient burning natural gas, and dependable electricity service to the businesses and citizens of Greenwood at the lowest possible cost.


The next CPW bid opening/meeting:

The next board meeting of the Commissioners of Public Works will be Thursday, February 11, 2016 at 10:00am.


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Following a trend sweeping public utilities, Greenwood Commissioners of Public Works awarded a bid to bring in a new server and software licensing Thursday.


The system allows the utility to read electric, water and gas meters within city limits from the city office, located off Court Avenue in Uptown.


"This is the project that we began with the Tantalus meter reading system, whereby we will be able to read meters inside the city limits from inside the office as well as perform some connects and disconnects from inside the office," CPW Manager Steve Reeves said.


The upgrade comes from advances to meter reading technology in the industry to move toward electronic radio transmission, which essentially provides remote and wireless reading.

The new server and licensing has a price tag of about $114,000 and can also handle turning service on and off remotely, which will be electric meters exclusively in CPW's case on this particular server.


The server also requires meter upgrades throughout the system to enable communication between the meters and server. CPW has been replacing its meters without the capability.

CPW also opened bids for new meters and radio transmitters, which range in price from about $71 to about $1,300 for the meters with the transmitters hovering at about $49 and $80.

In other business:


-- Reeves said Brandon Lewis, a CPW employee at the water treatment plant, has been in Columbia assisting with treatment options to deliver water to those affected by the flood.


-- The commissioners awarded the flooring replacement project at the water treatment plant to Industrial Safety Coatings of Greenville in the amount of $33,230.


-- The commissioners bypassed the bid process and approved the purchase of a meter that measures electrophoretic mobility and zeta potential, to replace its 30-year-old predecessor at the wastewater treatment plant for about $14,000.


-- CPW adopted an updated rate schedule, which will not result in any rate changes, but change some wording in the rate tariff as recommended by staff.


-- Bids were opened for a high-service pump overhaul with bids ranging from about $8,000 to about $55,000.


-- Bids were opened for a mini excavator for the gas department, ranging from about $59,000 to about $69,000.


-- One bid was received in the amount of about $61,000 for Microsoft license renewal for all desktops for three years from state contract holder CDW-Government, which chased off other bidders since the company had the contract.


-- Commissioners also received two bids for the purchase of a network switch for about $43,000 and about $47,000.


-- The final bid opening came from two suppliers in the region for a postage machine, including apparent low bidder Major Business Machines Inc. of Greenville in the amount of $14,400. Staff will review the bids and make recommendations at the next meeting.




Children and a woman draw water from a treatment system hooked up on the back of the truck of CPW water treatment plant employee Brandon Lewis, who has been in Columbia helping with treatment options to deliver water for those impacted by the recent flood.



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